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Friday, 25 June 2010

Weekend workshop #52 – Digi Friday

Another Friday is upon us and what a week it has been, sport seems to have taken over the UK and many other countries I am sure, it is a great excuse to craft if you are not into it, so to inspire this week we have a tutorial from Denise, she has major issues with her printer at the moment so the image is not as perfect as it would be if you bought it :)

So onto the winner from last week, the winner by will win 5 images of your choice from Sketching Stamper ………the winner is …………

**** Addams ****

Can you please email us at

This weeks sponsor is Lilyboo who is offering 5 images of your choice and all you need to do is leave a comment, if you want to buy any of Lilyboo images pop over to their new shop here and if you just want some inspiration there blog is here and even better Lilyboo have lots of freebies too so if you want to pick up some fabulous images go here

lilybooNow over to Denise for this weeks tutorial …………………


Morning crafters for today’s tutorial I am using a super cute image from Lily Boo’s boutique from the ‘birds collection’, there are six images in total and I was really spoilt for choice, but decided to plump for the loved up pair below!


Now before I begin I must apologise for the quality of my printing – I can assure you that the images from Lily Boo’s boutique are outstanding and I’ve personally used them many times before - its a problem with my home printer that resulted in the poor quality/poor colour image :( Please click on the pictures for a better look.

Ok here is the image before I started colouring:

before pic

Firstly I begin by using the darkest shade (in this case sky blue and pumpkin):

pic 1

Then I blend inwards using arctic blue and amber:

pic 2

Finally I blend all the colours together using powder blue and gold:

pic 3

Next I start on the bushes using green:

pic 4

Again blend inwards with apple:

pic 5

Then finally blend all the colours together with meadow green:

pic 6

For their head and tail feathers I used exactly the same colours and blended as before.

Their beaks are coloured with sunflower and tulip yellow and their feet with ice grey 3:

pic 7

My final touch is to use a sakura stardust pen to colour in the heart:

pic 8

So that is my tutorial for today. Please check back on Tuesday to see my completed card. Don’t forget to check out Lily Boo’s boutique as they have some gorgeous images.

Hugs, Denise x

Awww those birds are just too cute :)

Well that is it for another week, don’t forget to pop back next week to see who has won 5 images from Lily Boo’s boutique, all you need to do is leave a comment easy peasy :)

Hugs Gina, Denise and DT xxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

Weekend workshop #51 – Digi Friday

Hope you have all had a good week, the weekend is here now so lots of relaxing and chilling out!!! well for some lucky people anyway, hope you are one of them.
Thank you to everyone who commented last week the random comment who wins a $10 voucher from Digital Delights by Louby Lou is……………
If you can please email us at
Now this weeks sponsor is Christine @ Sketching Stamper the winner of a random comment will win 5 images of your choice, don’t forget to pop over to Christines website to check out her gorgeous images and if you want a chance to win some all you need to do is leave a comment, how easy is that :)
sketching stamper
Now over to Debs for a fabulous tutorial, her card and theme will be revealed on Tuesday………
"It's the most wonderful time of the year (ding dong, ding dong)"..what's that?... your not in the christmas spirit??...but we're half way through the year already!! and theres only 189 shopping days left!! i have to say this is the first time ive done a tutorial and ive never been so please be gentle ....and this week we are being sponsored by the lovely Christine at Sketching Stamper ...I have chosen the gorgeous "Snow Fairy"...(hence the christmas songs)......and without further ado..heres what i did
i printed the image onto some 160gsm text and graphics paper by Rey which i got from Staples...
I then started by colouring her face using Ivory as a base then slowly building up with Blush..then Dusky Pink then blending again with Ivory...and doing the same around her neck line
i also added a little Pastel Pink to her cheeks and again blended with ivory...i had to be very gentle as the whole of her head including the hood wasnt much bigger than my thumb!!
i then moved to main body of the image...i wanted to try and add a bit of depth to the image through the shading... when there are no definite areas of shade or natural creases to the clothing then this is what i do...
starting with a base colour of Pastel Blue i colour nearly all of the image just leaving a small area of white as though the light is hitting it...
for the next layer i have used Blue Pearl... again covering most of the image but leaving an area of white and Pastel Blue
i then used Cornflower around the outer edges....
i then went over the entire image again in small circular motions with my Pastel Blue to blend everything together..but still left a small strip of white
i then repeated the process with the darker colours until i was happy...
and again a final blend with my Pastel Blue..if you dont feel confident leaving an area of white then a white gel pen will work fine to add detail :-)
i then used the same blues for the top of the hood and using Tea Green went round the fur edges of the hood and dress....
and then i also went round the edges and detail of the wings with Powder Blue leaving the other areas white
and finally blended a mixture of Cool Grey 2, 3 & 4 for her hair
it wasnt until i reviewed my piccies i realised that whilst colouring the hair i had caught the side of her face...on such a small image you probably wouldnt notice (well i didnt!!)..but if you do dont worry just go over it again with your ivory or blush and it will lift the colour back so!!...(the ink was still wet when i took this and her face has dried a lighter shade more in keeping with the neck line!!))
well thats the end of my little (cough)'ll have to join us Tuesday to see my finished card and to find out what challenge ive picked for you all :-)
as always any questions just fire away and ill try my best to answer them
Debs x

Didn’t she do well, I really don’t know why any of the new team are worrying about doing tutorials, they have all been fantastic, thank you girls :)

So don’t forget if you do want to win some images from Sketching Stamper all you need to do is leave a comment

Thanks for looking, enjoy your weekend and see you all on Tuesday :)

Hugs Gina, Denise and Design Team xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Weekend workshop #50 – Digi Friday

Firstly thank you for all your lovely comments last week for Anja’s tutorial, it is so nice when you all appreciate our hardwork. The winner for the 8 images from Pink Gem Designs is………..
could you please email me for your prize
We have a treat for you this week, Debbi has stayed on to do her tutorial and then her challenge next week, so don’t forget the challenge on Tuesday where you will see her finished card.
Now this weeks sponsor is Digital Delights by Louby Lou the winner will win $10 voucher to buy any of there gorgeous images.
CDS Logo Louby Loo Creations 3Gift Certificate (2) Digital Delights New Badge Design final

Welcome to Digital Delights, a magical place filled with my little digi creations from all walks of life. We have a wide range of digital stamps which are delivered straight to your email 24/7!!

Wendy also has her own line of Clear Acrylic stamps at Clear Dollar Stamps.

Once again all you need to do is leave a comment to have a chance to win some gorgeous images
So here we go Debbi’s last tutorial as a PFP design team member awwwww :(
This week I've chosen the Scotland Ian set from Digital Delights by Louby Lou as it fits in well with my theme for next week's PfP Challenge (you'll have to wait til then to find out the theme)
I use a slightly different style of colouring for this kind of whimsical character compared to the style I use for more anatomically correct characters.
Firstly I have printed the image out onto Stampin' Up Whisper White cardstock on my HP Photosmart printer
I've chosen to colour the skin next - I started colouring the darkest areas, under the hair line, under the chin, under the sleeves and kilt with Coral. Just colouring a small area. I then coloured over the Coral and outwards with Sunkissed Pink then repeated this for the remaining skin areas with Blush, colouring with small circular motions. By colouring over the darker shades, you blend away any hard lines between the shades.
I chose to colour the jacket and hat with one of the grey collections - in this case I've used Warm Greys 1-5. I started out with the WG5 next to the outlines of the jacket and hat. Colouring over this and slightly more towards the middle of each area with WG4, I repeated this stage with WG3, 2 and 1. Again, by colouring over what you have previously coloured at each stage, it will ensure any hard lines are blended.
At this point I added a little shading with WG1 to the areas of the image that I wanted to remain white eg; his frilly shirt, the pompom on his hat, his sporran and his socks
To complete his outfit, I used WG 4 to add some shading where I imagine there would be some shadow on his kilt. I did this before I coloured it as I find it easier when using several colours to colour in an item of clothing eg tartan, checks, patterns etc
I then used Yellow, Petrol Blue and China Blue to colour his kilt. I also used WG 3 & 5 to colour the other parts of his sporran, and Black to his shoes. I haven't shown it in the pics, but I will add some embellishments to his jacket for the buttons and I will highlight his shoes with sakura white gel pen.
I'll be turning Scotland Ian into a card for the new challenge on Tuesday, thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial

Isn’t the image so sweet :), if you would like Debbi’s tutorial on a PDF file just email me and I will get it to you,

Right that is it for another week, we will back next week with another fabby tutorial, don’t forget before that we have our Tuesday challenge

Hugs Gina, Denise and DT

Friday, 4 June 2010

Weekend workshop #49 – Digi Friday

Before we start with this weeks workshop, we just wanted to let you all in on a bit of sad news. We are losing the lovely Debbi from PFP, she has so many other commitments that have taken a back seat since PFP came on the scene. Anyway we wish her the very best in what ever she decides to do in the future :) xxx

Right back to work, last weeks winner for the 3 images from Lexi's Creations is

** Maree **

This weeks sponsor is the lovely Janet from Pink Gem Designs. All you need to do is leave a comment to win 8...... yes 8 gorgeous images of your choice, the winner will be chosen randomly.

pink gem designs

This weeks tutorial was done by Anja, now you can see that she is already apologising for her English, which I know you will all agree is fabulous, so without further ado here is Anja’s fabulous tutorial -

Finally it's my turn to do the workshop, and show you how I colour my image.
I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I hope my english is good enough :) I'm from Norway (same as my other team member Ida)!
Here goes:
This week we are being sponsored by Janet from the lovely Pink Gem Designs. The image is the supercute Summer Milly, and she fits me perfectly. My choice of colours is Pink (for those who know me, this is no surprise, hehe). I love tho blend in two or three colours in the same shade, to create a dept in the image.
First I start with the "basics", the lightest colour (either it's the skin or clothes)
The Skin I've coloured with Blush, and dress and flowers I've coloured with Pale Pink
For the next colours, to blend in with the basics, I've used Tan on the edges of the skin, and then used Blush again, this way it blends perfectly. On the dress I've used Dusky Rose, and then Pale Pink to blend it with. But on the socks, bow and flowers I've used Antique Pink on the edges, then used Dusky Rose on the next layer and at the end used Pale Pink for the last layer to blend perfectly.
The leaves first got a layer of Lime Zest, then in the center I've used Olive Green, and again I used a touch of Lime Zest again to blend it together.
To do the grass I've used Pear Green on the edges and blended it in with Lime Zest
I chose the hair to be a warm tone, not to dark. The basic colour I used is Vanilla
Then I've used Mustard and Raw Sienna to layer it, and blended it all with the vanilla again.
The tree had to be brown. I've started with the lovely Chestnut on the edges and blended it with Cinnamon.
And then to get some real texture, I've used the Blender to create some Life to the tree
I hope you've enjoyed my first tutorial, and this lovely Summer Milly from
the lovely Pink Gem Designs.
Hugs Anja

How fabulous, and the Pink Gem image is just so cute, so if you want a chance to win 8 images of your choice all you need to do is leave a comment :)

Now as I mentioned earlier, we have lost Debbi so the PDF will not be available at the bottom of the post, not for the next few weeks anyway………but fear not I have done a PDF of this tutorial, if you do want a copy just email me here and I will send you a copy,

Have a great weekend everyone, see you Tuesday with another fab challenge

Hugs Gina, Denise and the Design Team

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Weekend Workshop #48 - Digi Friday

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's workshop - there was a little confusion behind the scenes. But it's worked out fine, this way there's not the distraction of the anniversary celebrations on the main blog to stop any of you entering the prize draw.

We have one of our new DT members kicking off the Digi Friday's again - it's Andie, and we think you'll agree she has done a terrific job. She was very nervous about doing her first tutorial.

This week our sponsor is the fabulous Lexi's Creations and Lexi is offering 3 images of your choice
All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is leave a comment on this post, and the winner will be randomly chosen on Friday

So, over to Andie....

This week I've had the pleasure of using an image from of wonderful sponsor Lexi, from Lexi's Doodles. I chose to colour her gorgeous digi, Elaina. I just adored her from the moment I saw her.
As this is my first tutorial, I just wanted to share with you, the technique I use for colouring with Promarkers. Before I start though there are several factors I try to consider.

1. I choose my DP before I start colouring. In this case I used Basic Grey Cappella papers. I look for an overall tone. That way, if I don't have Promarkers that match the papers exactly I use a colour that matches the tone of the paper to blend my colours to more closely to the DPs.

2. I decide where I think the light would come from, & using lightest shade first leave white highlights to emphasise this. I then practice with the same shade to show where the shadows would be, before using my darker colours to make sure I get it right. If I don't, there's always the blender pen!
3. I always make two copies, so I can practice as I go along if necessary!

So here is Elaina!

I like my characters to have a healthy glow. For skin tones I use Ivory as my base. Then use Vanilla for darker areas toward the edge of the face & blush around the hair line & where there is more shadow.

I've given her blond hair. Here I used Buttercup as a base. Then increased the intensity with Mustard, Sandstone & Cinnamon towards the darker areas. The darker you dare go with the shadows, the more the highlights stand out. I blended them altogether again with Buttercup.

On the green areas, I used Meadow Green as my lightest shade, receeding towards the shadowy areas with Apple & Sandstone. Again using Meadow Green to blend.

For the dress I used Dusky Pink as my base colour, with large areas of white to begin with. I then added Blossom & Carnation Pink to accentuate the colour, but again used Sandstone in the darker areas to tone my colouring with my DPs. Finally blending everything together again with Dusky Pink.

Finally, here is the finished image. I simply used Meadow Green & Dusky Pink on her wings & went over them with the blending pen to make them look as light & gossamer as possible.

I hope this has helped some of you with your colouring techniques. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Andie xx

You can see the finished image on Andie's card in this week's challenge
Hugs Gina, Denise and the DT xx