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Friday, 30 July 2010

Weekend workshop #57 – Digi Friday

Ok can somewhere tell me where on earth this week has gone, I had the shock of my life this morning when it hit me it was Friday, tell me I am not the only one :)

Thank you to everyone who commented last week, this weeks winner for some images from Moira’s Designs is

***** Victoria *****

Now onto this weeks tutorial, our sponsor is Sassy Studio Designs and the prize is 3 images of your choice, now all you need to do is leave a comment for a chance to win. Pop over to Sassy Studio blog too they have some stunning images so even if you don’t win I am sure you won’t leave there empty handed :)

sassy studio designs

Now over to Tracy who has done a fabulous tutorial for us this week, you will not be disappointed …………

The image i've chosen to use from this weeks sponsor 'Sassy Studio Designs' is one of the Little Honey's, Mermaid Mandy.

Today I'm going to show you how i colour most of my images.
I have printed the image onto Mondi IQ smooth white 160gsm card, which i got from Staples.
If the image is a person i always start with skin, so i've started with Apricot in the areas i wanted darkest/shadowed.
Then i went over the Apricot with Oatmeal, extending the colour a little into the white.
Next i went over the whole of the skin area and filled in all the remaining white using Blush.
I then added some colour to her cheeks using Pastel Pink, and went over the whole of the skin area again with Blush to blend it all together.
Now onto the hair.
Starting again with the darkest areas, i used Cocoa.
Then i went over the Cocoa and extended into the white with Cinnamon.
To complete the hair i went over the whole area using Tan and blended it all together.
Next i coloured her tail and shell bikini top, using the same method again.
I also added colour to her eyes, lips, necklace and earring.
Finally i went around the edge of the whole image with Powder blue, then softened the line using the blender.
This also gets rid of any little bits of colour that may have gone over the line a little.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing how i colour.
Don't forget to come back to the main challenge blog on Tuesday to see my finished card.
Hugs Tracy x

I think you will all agree Tracy has done a fabulous tutorial for us,

That’s it for this week, if you do want a chance to win some Sassy studio Designs all you need to do is leave a comment

Enjoy your weekend and see you all on Tuesday to see the finished card from Tracy

Hugs Gina, Denise and DT xxx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Weekend workshop #56 – digi Friday

Another week has passed, can not believe we are on week 56 of tutorials, I have been asked quite a few questions about the PDF files, they are not downloadable at the moment but we are hoping to get them back up and running soon, so please be patient :)

Thank you for all of your comments last week, they are so nice to read. The lucky winner to win £10 worth of images from Digi Stamp boutique is ………………

***** Maree *****

Congratulations Maree! If you could please email us at to receive your prize :)

This weeks sponsor is Moira’s Designs, all you need to do is leave a comment to win some yummy images. Don’t forget to pop over to the blog to see all the designs.

moias designs

Now this weeks tutorial is done by Sue C, don’t forget to pop over on Tuesday to see the finished card……………

Hi everyone, my name is Sue and it's my turn to do the tutorial for this week. The sponsor for this week's challenge is Moias Designs and I was lucky enough to be able to choose an image to work with.

1 )This is the image I chose, I thought she was really sweet, hope you like her too !

2 ) Before I start any shading on a project I always have my ProMarker chart to hand and look to see what colours I want to use, and this also gives me an idea of different combinations to try. 3 ) Once I've decided on the colours I will always have a test piece of card to make sure the colours do blend together. 4 ) I always start with the lightest shade and will colour the entire part of the image intended for that colour. 5 ) I then move to the next shade keeping in mind where the light is coming from and where the shadows would be. 6 ) As you can see as you start to build up the colours the image starts to take shape. 7 ) For the hair I use the same principle and decide on the colours and have a test piece to check the colours blend. 8 ) I started with the lightest colour and built up the layers leaving some areas paler so that the the hair doesn't appear flat. 9 ) For the skin I tend to stick to the same colours and start with Ivory and colour in all of the skin sections of the image. 10 ) I then use Blush and go around the edges where the shadows are most likely to be. 11 ) I then finish of with Dusky Pink and Sunkissed Pink, again just going around the edges. 12 ) For the flowers I selected a range of lemons and yellows to compliment the greens. 13 ) I coloured all of the flowers with the palest colour first then added the darker colours to the centres of the flowers. 14 ) As I did manage to go over the edge in one place, when this happens I go dotty around the edges ! I normally pick a neutral colour and then 2 other colours that compliment the image. 15 ) Here's the finished image ! I hope you've found this tutorial helpful and look forward to seeing your projects in this week's challenge.

Right that is it for this week, don’t forget all you need to do is leave a comment for a chance to win a some images from Moira’s Designs,

See you all on Tuesday, have a great weekend

Hugs Gina, Denise and DT xxx

Friday, 16 July 2010

Weekend workshop #55 – digi Friday

Firstly I would like to apologise if you are waiting for any emails replied, I have been a little preoccupied for the past week with a broken tooth (not good for a dental phobic) anyway, after 3 trips to the dentist this week all is now sorted……nerves wise I am totally pooped but apart from that all is good, so once again apologies for my lack of contact. Right now onto nicer things and this weeks winner from our sponsor Doodle Palace who are offering 5 images of your choice is ………

**** Josephine ****

Please email us at for your prize,

Onto this weeks sponsor now, the lovely Sally-Ann from Digi Stamp boutique is offering £10 worth of images, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Don’t forget to pop over to the website, Sally-Ann is always updating her images and you will not be disappointed

digistamp boutique


Michele’s Tutorial

Hi there and thanks for stopping by today. My name is Michele and today It’s my turn to do a tutorial for you using ProMarker pens.

This week we are sponsored by the very lovely and talented Sally-Ann from Digi Stamp boutique and she very kindly let me chose which image that I wanted to use for this tutorial. When I saw the adorable Tallulah Fairy image I knew that I just had to use this one (I LOVE fairies).


First off I’ve printed the image using my laser printer onto Datacopy Colour Printing Paper 160gsm

DSCF9168 DSCF9171 DSCF9172 DSCF9174

  1. To start off with I use Burnt Orange all round the edges where I think the shadows will be
  2. Then I’ve gone over the Burnt Orange with Coral and also a small bit into the white areas
  3. For the next step I’ve used Sunkissed Pink over the previous two colours and slightly into the white area slowly working my way into the centre
  4. I’ve then gone over all of the areas previously coloured using Ivory in small circular motions.

DSCF9177 DSCF9178 DSCF9180

5. For the cheeks I’ve drawn two small circles using Antique Pink

6. Then I’ve gone over the Antique Pink using Cocktail Pink making the circle slightly larger

7. For the last stage I’ve used Baby Pink going over the two previous colours

DSCF9182 DSCF9184 DSCF9185 DSCF9189 DSCF9191

8. For the hair I’ve first used my Cinnamon colour which is starting to run out – NB: If you have colours which are drying out hold onto them especially the colours you would use for hair as these are ideal to add fine details.

9. Then I’ve used my Cocoa which is also drying out using light flicks following the hair shape

10. I’ve now used the colour Gold again using light flicks

11. Then I’ve used Lemon using light flicks

12. Lastly I go over the whole area using Ivory

DSCF9193 DSCF9194 DSCF9196 DSCF9199 DSCF9200 DSCF9203 DSCF9204 DSCF9207

13. For the dress, heart wand and shoes I’ve first coloured in the image using Forest Green where I think the shadows would be.

14. Then I’ve used Apple going over the Forest Green

15. Then I’ve used Warm Grey 4 where I thought the darker shadows would be

16. Then I’ve used Forest Green again going over the previous colours

17. Next colour I’ve used is Apple layering over the other colours

18. The next colour I’ve used is Leaf Green again going over all the previous colours and working my way into the centre

19. The last step I’ve used my Blender pen and I’ve gone over all of the areas using small circular motions

DSCF9208 DSCF9210 DSCF9214

20. For the tights I’ve used the colour Gold starting at the points where I think the darkest parts would be

21. I’ve then gone over it again using Warm Grey 4

22. To blend in the first two colours I’ve used Lemon

DSCF9215 DSCF9218

23. For the image to stand out a little I’ve used Ice Grey 4 where I think the shadows would be

24. Then I’ve softened the areas using my Blender pen.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my tutorial and that it hasn’t sent you to sleep, LOL

Hugs Michele x

Awww what a cute image :) don’t forget you could win £10 worth of images from Digi Stamp boutique all you need to do is leave a comment,

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend and pop back on Tuesday to see Michele’s card.

Hugs Gina, Denise and the DT xxx