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Friday, 22 October 2010

Weekend workshop #60

We are here again, another Friday so another tutorial, it is nice to know you are all happy we are back. If you have any ideas of tutorials or would like us to answer any questions just leave a message in the comments and we will do our best to help :)

Just a few bits of info before we get to the tutorial, Letraset have gone into social networking and have joined facebook and twitter so if you want to join them and be the first to hear all of the news, just click on the links below

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Right onto our tutorial this week from the lovely Andie -


I'm sure many of you are aware of the new range of Letraset Aqua Markers. For this weeks workshop I wanted to try & show you why I think they are so fab! On the suggestion of my PFP D-Teamie Gina I used Daler-Rowney, The Langton Extra Smooth Watercolour Paper, Hot Pressed with VersaFine Ink.
Aqua Markers, up to this point, come in a much smaller range of colours than Promarkers. But that is no problem. They can be used like a paint pallette to mix almost any colour you wish. There are several techniques for using them. For this tutorial, I scribbled colour onto a non-porous surface & used a Water Brush to pick up the colour like paint.
I used a CC Design Kiki La Rue image for this tutorial.
1. Using small circular motions I coloured her face with Eggshell.
2. Rather like Promarkers I layered colour on top of colour to darken the areas in shadow. Round the edge of her face I used Deco Peach & Rose Blush. My brush was damp rather than wet. Too wet & the brush will lift the colour on the page & leave water blush marks. Patience is a virtue. Either wait for the area you are painting to dry or start colouring another area before you layer the colour.
3. On the pink areas I used Cherry Blossom as a base, again using my brush in small circular strokes, but using little dabbing motions to build a depth of colour.
4. To darken the colour, I layered Flamingo Pink over the Cherry Blossom. 5. I added Puce to add further depth to the shadows. 6. The blue areas were coloured in the same way, with Frost Blue as a base, & Storm Blue for darker shadowy areas. 7. On her hair I used Straw Yellow for the base.
8. Over the Straw Yellow I shaded Golden Brown & Mocha.
9. To add further depth to her hair. I used small strokes of Mocha, directly from pen to paper, & used my brush to pull the colour from the darkest parts to the lighter areas.
You can see the full final finished image & card on the Sweet Treats Challenge, posted on the PFP Challenge blog on 7/9/10.
I love the Aqua Markers for the range of effects you can achieve with them. There are several ways of using them, of which this is only one. Give them ago & discover which style suits you!
Thanks for Looking,
Andie xx
If you need any more information about aquamarkers click on the PDF below to give you some more tips and a look at all the yummy colours

Don’t forget if you have any tutorial ideas or would just like to ask a question just leave us a comment :)

See you all next week, we have a yummy video to show

Hugs Gina, Denise and the Design Team xxx


  1. She looks fantastic- what a great tutorial - my first go with aquamarkers was a disaster - am now determined to get them back out and have another try xx

  2. Fabulous tut but still no pdf link :( Pretty pleeeeeease can we have the link. I print them off for a friend who doesnt have a pc... xx

  3. hey.

    I love your tutorils and I get so much inspiration. I would like too see more about making shadows, please.

  4. Much needed! We are not really friends the aquas and me. Great tut. I'll work with those little creatures.

  5. Fabulous tutorial!! So pleased you are back xx Hugs Tina xx

  6. Great tutorial, think I'm going to have to put some aquamarkers at the top of my Christmas list!!

  7. Fabulous tutorial, where can I purchase aqua promarkers?
    Kristy xo