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Friday, 12 November 2010

Weekend workshop #63

The weekend is nearly here again woohooo, so we have a fabby tutorial to inspire from the lovely Julie, if you want to see the finished card just pop over to this weeks challenge. So without further a do here we go…………


Hi there, it's Julie, and I'm here to show you how I coloured my image from this week's challenge, in black and white tones with my Promarkers. The first thing that I would say is that I've used hardly any black as I find this can be too harsh when you're trying to blend your shades.

I used this fab Kenny K digi image which is perfect for black and white tones al a cartoon style! I've started off with the Ice Grey family - starting with Ice Grey 4 for my darkest areas.
Onto Ice Grey 3, gradually bringing in the colour further to the centre of the image, then Ice Grey 2 and Ice Grey 1.
I've then gone back and added some Ice Grey 5 to further accentuate his muscles/shadows,
and blended through again from darkest to lightest to blend together. I've done the same with his head, blending through from dark to light - you can see this in the final pics at the end.
For his legs, I've used the Cool family of Greys as using a different family of the greys adds to the depth and contrast in your image. Again, the same technique, starting with the darkest, Cool Grey 5, in the creases and the shadows.
This is the effect at Cool Grey 2, leaving a thin area uncoloured to capture the sheen of his rubber leggings - ooh er!!! I've also used my blender to soften the edges between the Cool Grey 2 and the uncoloured strip.
Again, the same technique and colours with his gloves, leaving the tips of his knuckles white as this would be the area that I imagine reflect the light the most.
I've used the Warm Grey set for his boots, starting with 4 and blending down to 2.
As with his body, I've then gone back to Warm Grey 5 and added this to the darker area to increase the feeling of depth and shadow.
Just leaving a touch of white to show where the light catches on the back of his boots.
The briefcase is the only place where I used black to start off as my deepest colour, then used the Cool Grey set to complete my colouring and blending.
And this is my finished image showing the final effect obtained by using all three different families of the Greys and a hint of black. You can also see the little bit of flesh colouring where his face is exposed and for this I used putty and pastel pink.


Now I think you will agree that was a great tutorial.

We hope you all have a great weekend, don’t forget to take a look at our new challenge on Tuesday

Hugs Gina xxx


  1. fab tutorial Julie - like the tip about using different grey families

  2. Thanks heaps Julie I'm off to give it ago

  3. Fabulous!!! Thank you so much x

  4. He looks awsome in his grey colours. Great work!