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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Weekend Workshop #30

Woops, sorry folks - lost track of the days there! But the fabulous Sepia tutorial from Caryn is well worth the wait, so without any further ado, I'll hand over to the fabulous Caryn...

This week I have chosen to show you how I colour an image to give a sepia effect using ProMarkers in shades of brown.  I am using this gorgeous Chickadee image from Funky Kits and have stamped her with Memento  Tuxedo Black ink onto Stampin Up Whisper White card.  This is just the colour combination I have chosen to use but a similar effect could be gained using whatever shades from the brown range you may have.
I start by colouring the entire image with a layer of Satin.

I then use Pastel Beige to start adding definition in the shadowy parts such as the roots of the hair and the folds of the fabric.  I continue with this using Sandstone to deepen the colour a little.
To give the hair a darker tone and to distinguish it from the rest of the image I add Cinnamon to the darker parts.  At this stage I then go over the whole image with the Satin to smooth out and blend any harsh lines.

My next step is to add a bit of warmth to the image using Caramel, again in the darker parts of the image and then blend again with Satin.

Finally I add tiny touches of Umber to define the shadows and go over any remaining hard lines with the Satin again.

Well as I say, this is just one way of achieving a vintage sepia effect but there are so many shades available across the Brown spectrum.  It’s a case of experimenting with what you’ve got but the final effect will be very striking and perfect for when you want a vintage look to your card.  Hope this has been helpful to some of you.
Big hugs,
Caryn xxxx

Isn't that just a stunning effect? we'd love to see how you get on with this technique.

Next week we have a Sarah's elephant image tutorial coming up

Gina, Denise and the DT xx


  1. WOW!!! That is amazing! I can't wait to try.
    Thank you.

  2. I loved this!! I don`t have all the colours you`ve recommended, but I`ll try anyway. :-)