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Friday, 12 February 2010

Weekend Workshop #33

Welcome to another Weekend workshop, we are back this week with Sue’s image for her post on Tuesday, she  has done a tutorial on mixed mediums and also Limited colours, over to Sue -
Mixed Mediums Technique
Hi I want to share two different ways to colour you images,my card called for more subtle colours on my images so here are two different ways to achieve the effect. Mixed Medium Technique Start by selecting you favourite smooth card stock and dye based ink. Here are my preferred options. Stamp your image and lay a single layer of ProMarker onto your image this works best with pale colours. Faces are blush boys hair and trousers ivory jumper and shoes almond girls hair ivory and dress satin. Next you will need polychromo pencils (or similar) and sansodor (or similar) and paper stumps. You will now place a small amount of pencil around the face (see the boy) I have used brown.... trust me it does works!!! You then dip your paper stumps into the sansodor and blend the pencil into the centre of the face. Don't be afraid to use plenty of sansodor the ink will not smudge (this is why it must be dye based). Continue to do this using the desired colours on your image, I have used deep pink on the dress and brown on the the trousers hair and shoes and red on the jumper. Add a little glitter to the wing and some Sunkissed pink on the cheeks. You will need to be patient and spend time blending the pencil with the sansodor and you may have to add colour several times until you get to the required depth.
Limited Colours Technique
For this image I have used only Five colours blush,satin,sunkissed pink tan and caramel. Faces coloured with blush trousers tan and dress satin. Colour a layer of satin around the edges of the faces and then a little sunkissed pink on the cheeks blend all over again with blush. A second layer of tan is added around the edges of the trouser and caramel on the shoes and jumper... then blend all the clothes with a layer of satin (I find it is best to do this with the large end). Now do the same with sunkissed and satin on the dress. I have used tan and caramel for the hair. Come back on Tuesday and see this image (with some glitter on the wing) on my challenge week card. Thanks for looking sue :o)
Don’t forget you can download this tutorial by clicking on the image below,


Thanks for joining us this week,
Hugs Gina, Denise and the Design Team


  1. Don't know if my eyes are deceiving me but I can't find the tutorial download.


  2. no, your eyes aren't deceiving you Elaine, I just haven't had a chance to upload it yet - but I'll get right on it.

  3. The download icon is now up, thankyou for your patience