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Friday, 5 February 2010

Weekend Workshop #32

Gosh, we're into February already - 2010 seems to be flashing before our eyes.
This week we have a super tutorial from Sue, it's a bit of a two-parter as she'll continue with her challenge image next week. So without further ado, over to Sue.

Hi today I am going to show you how to make a simple heart shaped card

Here is what you will need coloured light card or printer paper, scissors, bone folder,pencil, ruler and a pint glass.

Fold a piece of A4 paper or light card in half and then in half again.

Use the glass and ruler to draw a shape as shown in the picture (you might need to click the picture to get a better look) make sure you don't cut away the fold a the top completely leave a small amount joined.

Cut your shape out with scissors and you will have your template for the heart card.

Take half a piece of A4 paper or light card and fold in half.

Take your heart card template and use it to draw a half heart on your paper.

Cut your half heart out a few millimeters inside the line, the new heart will be

The smaller heart is the template for your patterned paper.

Fold you desired card in half and use your template to cut your card blank making sure to leave some of the folded edge so you end up with a card and not two hearts!!

Here is your blank card ready to use.
Have fun making your Valentines Day Heart Cards and come back next Friday to see how I colour my image to go onto my card and the finished card on my challenge week which has a theme.

Thanks Sue :o)

What a fab and simple way of making a heart-shaped card, just perfect for all those valentines cards

Coming up next week, image colouring with Sue

Hugs, Denise, Gina & DT x x

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  1. thanks for another wonderful tutorial, just thought I'd share the post with my new wonderful marker storage inspired by the ones posted here..