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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weekend Workshop #16

Blonde Hair Tutorial - Michele
This is my preference of colours to use for colouring blonde hair Ivory, Pastel Yellow, Gold and Cinnamon.
The image I've used is stamped onto white Data Copy Colour Printing paper 160gsm using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.
First of all, I go all over the hair in small circular motions using the colour Ivory.
image Then using very light strokes, I use Pastel Yellow
Now with the Gold ProMarker pen, go over the hair where you think it would be darker. Again using very light strokes.
Next I use the colour Cinnamon, where I think the hair would be darker.
Here's a little tip for you - don't throw away pens if they are running out.
I find these perfect for colouring hair, especially the darker colours.
Now with the Ivory ProMarker go over the whole of the hair using small circular motions.
Here is the image again fully coloured in.
Blonde Hair Tutorial – Gina
This is my take on blonde hair, I have used Anya Snuggle and inked her with memento ink onto IQ paper.
I started off using Primrose and covered the whole area of hair, I usually do a couple of coats just to get the ink into the paper and I find it blends better this way
I then added Vanilla to the roots of her hair and the parts which I think are darkest, I do think that this is the hardest part deciding where is darkest, so I always do the roots the ends of the hair and then any where that hits an edge, i.e from a bow. I then go over the whole area again with the Primrose this blends in some of the Vanilla used
I then moved on to Pastel Yellow, and again do the darkest areas but this time I use less than I did of the Vanilla, again I go over the whole area with Primrose
I then go over the darker areas again to give it more depth but be careful not to overdo the darker areas as it will be harder to correct, once you are happy go over with the Primrose again just to blend in :)
Hope that is of some help, like I always say the best way to learn is to practice yourselves and if you want to show us how you do it just drop us an email :)
Hugs Gina xxx

coming up NEXT WEEK – Tutorial on colouring a Horse
Well we hope you have enjoyed the tutorials for this week, take care until next week :)
Hugs Gina, Denise and the DT xxx

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  1. Hello. I just descovered this blog and i just wanted to say how talent you all are and how generous with your ideas and your time. I just love your tutorials. Keep up the great work. Jane